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Endure BiTs

Endure BiTs

Endure BiTs

Endure BiTs is a hybrid VTOL biplane UAV designed to meet specific needs of our clients. This design combines the pros of both the fixed wing and the multirotor configurations in one aircraft. The aircraft takes off as a multirotor and then transitions into the fixed wing configuration for forward flight. The vertical pose provides the aircraft with  vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) abilities similar to a multirotor. Unlike other fixed wing aircrafts, the hybrid biplane does not require a runway, catapult or parachute and thereby increases the flight envelope. The UAV can carry diverse sensors as payloads according to requirement.

Endure BiTs Autonomous biplane UAV

  • The VTOL is equipped with IMU and onboard Autopilot unit which makes it fully autonomous even during transition.
  • Powered with 8 BLDC electric motor, BiTs can achieve¬†30 m/s cruise speed in matter of seconds.


  • VTOL capability to facilitate landing in limited areas.
  • Fully autonomous,partially autonomous and manual flight navigation modes.
  • Multiple fail safe features for enhanced reliability.
  • Real-Time control and video streaming upto 15km LOS.
  • Man portable ground control station for remote operation.


Wing span 2 m
Cruise speed 30 m/s
Max Payload 5 kg
Operating Altitude (ASL) 3000 ft
Endurance (Sea level) 60+ minutes
Range 40+ kms